Community training in Crisis Intervention (CIP)

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What do you say how do you react when you encounter someone who seems to be having a difficult time so you dont make things worse?   This is an important question for dispatchers who answer 911, EMS staff and correction officers in the jail. It is also a common experience for people whose work involves contact with the public, like store clerks, librarians, Y-staff, restaurant staff, security people, hospital staff, clinic staff including dentists, chiropractors, physicians, OT, PT, hotel clerks, receptionists, housing staff and many more.  Where do you learn what to do? What to say?  Try this……..

Community Training for Crisis Intervention Partners (CIP)

What is CIP?

Crisis Intervention Partners (CIP) training is a 16-hour training for the community which was modeled after the training component of Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) programs. CIP is designed for wide-ranging audiences interested in better understanding and improving their interactions with people who experience mental health crises and stressed encounters that could become crisis due to other conditions.

Through information and practice, CIP is re-training participants to use attitudes, beliefs, and verbal/nonverbal skills as part of their response to crisis situations.

What does Community CIP Training cover?

  • Basic education on human development & the impact of trauma
  • Overview of various mental health conditions symptoms, treatments
  • Discussion of special populations (e.g. veterans) and other conditions that may present in a stressed potentially crisis encounter, e.g. dementia, epilepsy, autism, developmental disability
  • Presentation & discussion with person living with mental health conditions and families
  • Education on safe, effective crisis de-escalation and active listening skills
  • Crisis management and de-escalation skills with interactive role-plays
  • Auditory hallucination (hearing voices) simulations
  • Self-care, building support networks and resiliency

What is the status of CIP in Portage & Wood Counties?

NAMI Portage-Wood Counties is working to offer CIP in 2016.  We serve people in both Portage & Wood counties who use services in both counties, e.g. ERs, hospitals, clinics.  It’s important that the training provide information for participants from both Portage & Wood Counties.  We are reaching out to stakeholders to talk about CIP training & its benefits.  We need all stakeholders to participate in the planning and/or development of presentations and identification of local resources; and to spread the word and sign up for the training when it is available.  We are putting together the Coordinating Committee of interested stakeholders now and workgroups.  Let us know if you are interested.

INFORMATIONAL PUBLIC STAKEHOLDERS MEETINGS:  Session 1 starts at 4 pm with a repeat starting at 5:30:  2 times, same content to accommodate work schedules.   Light Snack provided.

March 9 – Stevens Point Portage County Public Library

March 14– Wisconsin Rapid, McMillan Public Library

March 15 – Marshfield, Public Library

If you are interested but unable to attend the stakeholder’s meeting, please contact Kay at NAMI PW at 715-254-1864 or   Updates/info about other trainings – webpage:

CLICK HERE FOR FLYER – CIP-Overview-Portage-WoodCo

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