ARTI Gras 2016 – Let’s have fun!

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There are a lot of different events happening in Wisconsin Rapids, Port Edwards and Nekoosa that can be a lot of fun  – March 10-19!   Magic show, comedy, Improv, plays, and puppet shows.  Don’t forget the party on the last day with food from around the world!!

We have free tickets available that we are making available to our NAMI-PW people, families, parents and friends, funded by a grant to ARTI-Gras by US Banks.  If you or someone you know could use a time of fun, sharing, laughing – for free, please come join us!

A couple of highlights!

Poetry event Sunday at 11 – this will feature poets well known to many of us – Jim Pollock and Rick Humphreys.  Everyone is welcome to come – listen, share a poem, have some fun.  (rides available)

About the puppet shows –  These are not the puppet shows we are used to – they are Bunraku – which is a style created in Japan.  Dobby, from the Harry Potter series was a Bunraku puppet.

The Puppet Workshop has been especially scheduled for young people – because it will be fun to learn to work the puppets and make up stories with them.  That’s Sunday from 4-7.  We will help with rides.  Puppet-workshop-event poster

Attached is a flyer with some of the events identified.  To read more about all the ARTI Gras 2016 full schedule of events, click here.   If something else strikes your fancy, let us know and we will see if we can get tickets for that as well.  ArtiGras-general-event-poster



To get tickets to events and get a ride, call us at 715-254-1864.

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